iPolymer Metering Valves

Metering Valves

iPolymer Metering Valve (MV) use a tapered plug-stem to give a fine adjustment to the flow in addition to a fully open or fully closed shutoff position. The PTFE all-wetted surface design works equally well with ultra clean DI water and harsh chemical media. As with all Metering Valves, we recommend filtering the media prior to entering the valve. Our Metering Valves come in two configurations: Straight Flow Pattern (“A”) and Angled Flow Pattern (“B”).

Filter by:

Item # Port Size Orifice Size Port Type Flow Pattern
MV-22P-A1/8 in1/8 inFNPTStraight
MV-44P-A1/4 in1/4 inFNPTStraight
MV-66P-A3/8 in3/8 inFNPTStraight
MV-88P-A1/2 in1/2 inFNPTStraight
MV-21T-A1/8 in1/16 inTubeStraight
MV-43T-A1/4 in3/16 inTubeStraight
MV-65T-A3/8 in5/16 inTubeStraight
MV-87T-A1/2 in7/16 inTubeStraight
MV-42FF-A1/4 in1/8 inFlareStraight
MV-64FF-A3/8 in1/4 inFlareStraight
MV-86FF-A1/2 in3/8 inFlareStraight
MV-22M-A1/8 in1/8 inMNPTStraight
MV-44M-A1/4 in1/4 inMNPTStraight
MV-66M-A3/8 in3/8 inMNPTStraight
MV-88M-A1/2 in1/2 inMNPTStraight
MV-22P-B1/8 in1/8 inFNPTAngled
MV-44P-B1/4 in1/4 inFNPTAngled
MV-66P-B3/8 in3/8 inFNPTAngled
MV-88P-B1/2 in1/2 inFNPTAngled
MV-21T-B1/8 in1/16 inTubeAngled
MV-43T-B1/4 in3/16 inTubeAngled
MV-65T-B3/8 in5/16 inTubeAngled
MV-87T-B1/2 in7/16 inTubeAngled
MV-42FF-B1/4 in1/8 inFlareAngled
MV-64FF-B3/8 in1/4 inFlareAngled
MV-86FF-B1/2 in3/8 inFlareAngled
MV-22M-B1/8 in1/8 inMNPTAngled
MV-44M-B1/4 in1/4 inMNPTAngled
MV-66M-B3/8 in3/8 inMNPTAngled
MV-88M-B1/2 in1/2 inMNPTAngled