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iPolymer PTFE Sampling Metered Valves

Sampling Metered Valves

iPolymer PTFE Sampling Metered Valve (SMV) is designed for use in high purity water and aggressive chemical applications. This unique manual actuated metering valve is design for low flow sampling. The PTFE wetted flow path is ideal for DI Water Systems and corrosive media found in solar, semiconductor, pharmaceutical and chemical process applications. This Panel Mount unit functions with a manual push level to actuate a metered flow. The metered flow ensures a controlled dispensing of fluid for manual sampling. Uses include dispensing controlled amounts of media for element verification tests, manual dispensing of DI Water into carboy and other transport containers, and dispensing metered amounts of chemicals to blend and balance process chemistries.

Item # Orifice Body Type
SMV-42F-P 1/4 in Flare X 0.125 in Panel Mount

*Minimum quantities required.