Wet Process Tank Compatibility

With years of experience in many industries, including the semiconductor industry, we learned how to meet a wide variety of material compatibility needs. This table is intended to help engineers specify which wet process tank and cleaning systems best fit their processes, chemistries, and applications. Please contact us for more information regarding material compatibility. Download PDF

Accubath™ Wet Process TanksAccumeg™ Megasonic Tanks
Accubath Quartz Static Heated Tank Etch Process
Accumeg PVDF Megasonic Process Tank with Quick Dump Rinse
Accubath Heated Quartz Process Tank Silicon Nitride Etch
Process NameChemistryApplicationProcess Tank
Si Iso EtchHNO3+H2O+NH4FEtch SiliconPFA Tank (near ambient)
Oxide Etch10:1 HF (H2O+49% HF)Etch Silicon DioxidePFA Tank with heat exchange coils
Buffered Oxide Etch5:1 (40% NH4F+49% HF)Silicon DioxidePFA Tank with heat exchange coils
Quickdump RinseH2Ochemical removalPVDF Quickdump
Post Hot Phos RinseH2OAcid RinsePVDF Quickdump Megasonic
Post Piranha RinseH2OAcid rinse, Sulfate removalPVDF Quickdump Megasonic
SC-2, HPM, RCA2, Huang BHCL+H2O2+H2OMetals removal, alkalis and metal hydroxide removalQuartz recirculated Megasonic
SC-1, APM,RCA1, Huang ANH4OH+H202+H2OParticle removal, light organics removal, protective oxide regrowthQuartz recirculated Megasonic
EDPNH2(CH2)2NH2+C6H4(OH)+H20Anisotropic Silicon EtchQuartz static or recirculated
TMAHTMAHAnisotropic Silicon EtchQuartz static or recirculated
Cu FeCl3 200Copper etchant type CE-200 from Transene (30% FeCl3 + 3-4% HCl + H2O)Etch CopperQuartz static or recirculated
Cu APS 100Copper etchant APS 100 from Transene (15-20% (NH4)2S2O8 + H2O)Etch CopperQuartz static or recirculated
NiCr TFNNichrome etchant TFN from Transene (10-20% (NH4)2Ce(NO3)6) + 5-6% HNO3 + H2O)Etch NiCrQuartz static or recirculated
Al Etch AAl Etchant Type A from Transene (80% H3PO4 + 5% HNO3 + 5% HAc +10% H2O)Etch AluminumQuartz static or recirculated
CR-14Chromium etchant CR-14 from Cyantek (22% (NH4) 2Ce(NO3)6) + 8% HAc+ H2O)Etch ChromiumQuartz static or recirculated
CR-7Chromium etchant CR-7 from Cyantek (9% (NH 4)2Ce(NO3)6) + 6% HClO4 + H2O)Etch ChromiumQuartz static or recirculated
Aqua regiaHCl+HNO3Etch GoldQuartz static or recirculated
AU-5Gold etchant AU-5 from Cyantek (5% I2 +10% KI + 85% H2O)Etch GoldQuartz static or recirculated
Moly EtchMolybdenum etchant (180 H3PO4 : 11 HAc : 11 HNO3 : 150 H2O)Etch MolybdenumQuartz static or recirculated
Aqua regia, DiluteDilute aqua regia (3 HCl : 1 HNO3 : 2 H2O), ~30ºCEtch Noble metalsQuartz static or recirculated
Phos+Sulf1 H2SO4 : 1 H3PO4Etch SapphireQuartz static or recirculated
Pad Etch 4Pad Etch 4 from Ashland (13% NH 4F + 32% HAc + 49% H2O + 6% propyleneglycol + surfactant)Etch SiO2, not AlQuartz static or recirculated
Ti EtchTitanium wet etchant (20 H2O : 1 H2O2 : 1 HF)Etch TitaniumQuartz static or recirculated
H2O2 50ºCHydrogen peroxide (30wt% H2O2, 70wt% H2O)Etch TungstenQuartz static or recirculated
SA-80(NH4)SO4+H2SO4Organics removalQuartz static or recirculated
SOM, Sulfuric/Ozone mixH2SO4+O3Organics removalQuartz static or recirculated
DIO3, Ozinated waterDIH2O+O3Organics removal, protective SiO2 regrowthQuartz static or recirculated
MicrostripMicrostrip 2001 photoresist stripper, 85ºCPhotoresist StripQuartz static or recirculated
Piranha, SPMPiranha (~50 H2SO4 : 1 H2O2)Resist strip, Post-ash residue removal, organic removalQuartz static or recirculated
PhosphoricPhosphoric Acid (85% by weight)Etch Silicon nitrideQuartz static or recirculated; Dedicated Nitride Etch System
Proprietary Solvent Resist StrippersVarious SolventsRemove PhotoresistQuartz Static or recirculated; Stainless Steel (static or recirculated)
IPAIsopropanolCleaningStainless Steel static or recirculated
MethanolMethanolCleaningStainless Steel static or recirculated
AcetoneAcetonePhotoresist StripStainless Steel static or recirculated
Anisotropic EtchKOH (30% by weight)Anisotropic SiliconEtchPFA Tank with In-Line Heater