Ultrapure In-Line PVDF/PFA Fluid Heaters

Heateflex LH1 PVDF/PFA Ultra-Pure In-Line Fluid Heaters for DI Water and Mild Chemicals


CE Certification Mark


PVDF/PFA ultrapure in-line fluid heaters are ideal for heating deionized water, acids, and less aggressive process chemistries use in high-purity processes of semiconductor, solar, MEMS manufacturing, and other industries using high-purity fluids. These heaters are designed for recirculation and point-of-use fluid heating applications. Their small footprints allow them to easily integrate into current systems. Available in 1-30 kW and various voltages.

Features & Benefits

  • Ultrapure design with PVDF/PFA wetted surfaces
  • Fast response with low watt density
  • No nitrogen purge required, reducing operating costs
  • Compact design of 10-30-in. heights, 4-6-in. diameters
  • Flexible designs with many options, safety features, voltages, and power outputs

Safety Features

  • Liquid level sensor
  • Ground wire options
  • Over-temperature thermocouple
  • Process thermocouple
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LH1/LH7 Specifications

Patented Heateflex® coil
Wetted Surfaces
1 kW to 30 kW (dependent on customer voltage)
200 VAC to 480 VAC, 1-ph and 3-ph (dependent on wattage)
Ambient to 95º C (203º F)
Temperature Accuracy
± 0.1º C
0.5 GPM (1.9 LPM) to 32 GPM (122 LPM) (dependent on model)
60 PSIG @ 95º C


  • Thermal cutoff
  • Thermocouples
  • Fiber-optic liquid level sensor
  • RTD sensors
  • Pressure relief valve