Ultrapure In-Line PFA Fluid Heaters

HC Series Heaters for Aggressive Acids & Chemicals

Heateflex HC PFA Ultra-Pure In-Line Fluid Heaters


CE Certification Mark


HC Series in-line heaters are ideal for high-temperature, ultrapure processes. They feature PFA flow paths for optimal compatibility with aggressive chemicals. Their special internal fittings eliminate O-rings seals for enhanced cleanliness. They utilize the low-mass Heateflex® heating element with low watt density to provide fast, powerful temperature response.

Features & Benefits

  • Ultrapure PFA wetted surfaces for optimal compatibility with aggressive chemicals
  • Specialty fittings eliminate wetted O-rings to enhance cleanliness and reduce potential for leaks
  • Fast, powerful temperature response from low-mass heating element with low watt density
  • 160°C maximum temperature
  • Up to 120°C at 60 psi
  • 1-10 kW models available

Safety Features

  • Junction box protects heater and sensor wires from harsh environments
  • Over-temperature thermocouple regulates temperature by limiting heat within housing
  • Thermal cut-off ensures temperature does not exceed range to prevent overheating
  • Process thermocouple ensures fluid temperature is accurately maintained
  • Platinum-tipped ground wires protect user and heater

Ultrapure Fluid Heating Element

HC Series PFA in-line fluid heaters feature the Heateflex® heating coil. This heating element offers excellent power output in a compact package. It has a low watt density, which extends the heater life by spreading out the wattage. The heating element is coated in PFA materials, which eliminates the need for nitrogen purge, and reduces operating costs.

Heateflex Ultrapure Heating Element Heat Coil
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Specialty In-Line PFA Fluid Heaters

Higher Power, More Customizable, & Compact

Heateflex LHT Ultra-Pure In-Line Fluid Heaters for Aggressive Acids and Chemicals



LHT Series heaters offer maximum power in compact designs with ultrapure, PFA flow paths. They feature the Heateflex® heating element with a low watt density for fast temperature response. LHT models are available from 1-42 kW and offer great flexibility for customization.

Features & Benefits

  • Ultrapure PFA wetted surfaces compatible with aggressive chemicals
  • Flexible designs allow customized safety features, voltages, and power outputs
  • Fast temperature response with low watt density
  • 160°C maximum temperature
  • Up to 95°C at 60 psi
  • 1-42 kW models available
  • Increased power in small footprint

Legacy In-Line PFA Fluid Heater Models

Since 1974, Heateflex has been an industry leader in ultrapure heating, paving the way for PVDF, PTFE, and PFA in-line fluid heaters. With new technology and almost half a decade later, Heateflex has improved on legacy designs with the HC Series of PFA in-line heater that offer higher temperatures, enhanced cleanliness, extended life spans, improved reliability, and more. Heateflex continues to support legacy heaters. Contact us for details.

Legacy Models
Max Temp*
PFA Chemlock®
PFA Chemlock®
PTFE Molded
PTFE Molded

*Contingent on properties of process fluid