White Knight Employee Submerging Pump Body

White Knight is hypervigilant about addressing safety concerns and continuously aims to identify and address potential problems. Sixteen safety trainings are given to all White Knight employees, and many must take additional formalized safety training courses that are applicable to their job functions, which they are required to pass with 100% accuracy.

White Knight equipment is always well-maintained, and is only ever used for its intended purposes. Preventative maintenance occurs at scheduled intervals, and various safety mechanisms on the machines are regularly checked and are often redundant. White Knight also requires the use of applicable protective gear and clothing.

Dust collection systems placed outside the building are ducted through manufacturing areas of the building where dust is of a concern. While this was established with safety as the main concern, it also helps keep work areas clean. Independent dust collection systems are used where it is not practical to run ducting from the main systems.

Ovens that process fluoropolymers are vented to the outside as recommended by providers of PTFE, but White Knight has also added curtains and fume collection at the doors of these ovens, where fumes could be emitted if seals do not function perfectly.

Injection molding presses have fume collection systems in place to gather and exhaust fumes emitted during the melting of plastics and fluoropolymers.

Emergency eyewashes and showers are located in strategic places throughout the building.

Personal protective gear is available and required for use where applicable and training is provided for its use. Other protective items such as hearing and eye protection are provided and required for use in pertinent areas.

White Knight Employee Submerging Pump Body
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