White Knight Pneumatic Logic Air Shifting Operation

White Knight’s Pneumatic Logic™ air system provides for use of gravity to reset the shuttle valve after every single shutdown.

There are no detents to fail, no seals to fatigue and no way for air-pressure to center the valves on shut down.

Pneumatic Logic™ uses air pressure to force the spool into place at the end of each stroke, rather than relieving pressurized air at the end of each stroke. This ensures that the spool in the shuttle valve is never subject to both sides being equally pressurized simultaneously, which can cause spool valves to center and stall.

Pneumatic Logic™ slows the movement of reciprocating portions of the pump immediately before it shifts, which minimizes liquid pulsation and pump vibration.

White Knight’s Shift Cylinder Pilot Valves and Customized Stroke Detection also provide for superior pneumatic pump performance.

White Knight Pneumatic Logic Air Shifting System

Supply Air

Exhaust Air

Ambient Air

Liquid Suction

Liquid Discharge