White Knight Liquid-Side Shaft in PSA060 High-Purity Pump

White Knight high-purity pumps feature liquid-side shafts that allow for the metal-free pump designs with compact footprints and no foreign lubrication that are demanded by the most conscientious of semiconductor manufacturing companies.

Placing the pump’s main shaft through the middle of the liquid path allows for a much smaller footprint, thus saving space in equipment and cleanrooms where every centimeter comes at a premium. Since liquid-side shafts are lubricated by the liquid that they are pumping, the technology also allows White Knight to provide a pump with absolutely no metal parts and no foreign lubricants, thereby greatly reducing the risk of Chemical Contamination.

As Liquid-Side Shafts are lubricated by the fluid that a pump is moving, dry running for extended periods of time (longer than thirty seconds) can result in serious and irreversible damage to traditional wet side shaft and seals. White Knight understands that this is a less than ideal situation for some applications and as such developed SD versions of their standard pumps. SD pumps are designed to operate under dry run conditions for an extended time period, with no damage to the shaft or seal after a full hour of dry-run operation.