Genuine Pump Parts

Trusted Parts for White Knight Rebuild Kits

Genuine Rebuild Parts

White Knight offers trusted Genuine Parts for pump repairs. Parts are available in complete rebuild kits, and many parts are sold individually.

Benefits of Genuine Parts

  • Ensure Quality
  • Guarantee Purity
  • Prevent Inconsistencies
  • Renew Warranty
White Knight PTFE PFA Virgin Powder Material

Reliable Replacement Parts Guaranteed to Last

White Knight quality control programs ensure our products are consistent through precise, in-house manufacturing processes and well-documented procedures. We control every detail, including the filling of molds, pressing of preforms, sintering, inspection, precision machining, assembly, testing, documentation and managing inventory. We finely tune and document our manufacturing methods to eliminate variables that cause inconsistencies or decrease product life or reliability. White Knight also maintains thorough records of every pump manufactured and ensures its repeatability for copy exact purposes.

White Knight Rebuild Pump Parts Checks Plugs

Replaceable Parts

Increase pump lifespan with reliable, corrosion-free pumps with replaceable parts.

Replaceable Parts
White Knight High-Purity Pump Components After Use

Repairs & Rebuilds

White Knight rebuilds pumps and offers rebuild training and certification programs to distributors and customers.

Rebuilds & Repairs
White Knight Rebuild Training for High-Purity Pumps

Training Programs

White Knight provides comprehensive employee training and offers customer training for pump service and rebuilds.

Training Programs
White Knight Certified Platinum Service Provider

Certified Rebuilders

Certified rebuilders service product at their facilities with genuine replacement parts. They expedite repairs and minimize shipping time and costs.

Certified Service Providers

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