Aries Solvent Heaters

Heateflex Aries Solvent Heaters
Heateflex Aries Solvent Heaters


Aries Solvent Heaters safely heat thermally-sensitive fluids such as Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) and EKC photoresist remover. This heater is ideal for both single-pass and recirculating applications where process temperature, fluid cleanliness and safety are all critical. Furthermore, Aries is an ETL-Listed product, and is UL-823 certified as explosion-proof, dust-ignition proof, and dust-tight, suitable for use in hazardous locations where flammable gases and liquids are present. Several optional controller packages are also available for the Aries on customer request.

Effective & Safe Heating

The solvent heater incorporates design features for effective and safe heating to UL standards. For instance, the insulated housing is explosion-proof, dust ignition-proof, and dust tight. High-pot material epoxy embeds the lead wires, and the heater core comes in a sealed 304 stainless steel enclosure. Furthermore, the ground fault circuit integrator serves as a quick safety switch to prevent too much power into the heater. Finally, the independent fluid path permits the heater to heat flammable fluids.

Isolate Sensors

This heater features a 316L stainless steel coiled tube for wetted surfaces. A durable stainless steel fluid path that is independent of the heater element allows the Aries to effectively heat flammable fluids. Hermetically-sealed electrical and control connections, with thermocouples for process and over-temperature, ensure safe operation.

Cooling Flow Path

The design of the heater includes a cooling flow path, removing residual heat when the process is complete. This ensures that when fluid is not needed, process flow temperature is reduced; protecting both the heater and the operator.


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Aries Solvent Heaters Manual

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Features & Benefits

  • Fluid path separated from heaters allows heating flammable fluids (e.g. IPA, NMP)
  • High-purity heating with 100% 316L electropolished process wetted surfaces
  • Isolated sensors
  • Lead wires are embedded in hi-pot material epoxy
  • Increased isolation of lead wires and sensors from fumed environments
  • Heater core is housed in a sealed SS304 enclosure
  • Cooling flow path
  • Removes residual heat from the heater core once process is completed
  • Reduces temperature of process flow once heated fluid is not needed
  • Can also be used to heat two processes simultaneously
  • High pressure design capable of 0-3,000 psi
  • Insulated housing maintains cool surface temperature for safe operation
  • Tested to UL standards for use in hazardous locations
  • Explosion-proof, dust ignition-proof, and dust-tight
  • Ethernet read/write (other options available)
  • No N2 Purge Required

Safety Features

  • Liquid Level Sensor
  • Thermal Cut Off
  • Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter
  • Pressure Relief Valves
  • Flow Sensor
  • Redundant Safety PLC
Heateflex Aries Solvent Heater Mount Inlet
Heateflex Aries Solvent Heater Connections


Patented Heateflex® Coil
Wetted Surface
316L Electropolished Stainless Steel
2.5 kW to 9.0 kW (Dependent on Customer Voltage)
200 VAC to 480 VAC, 3-ph (Dependent on Wattage)
203°F (95°C)
Temperature Accuracy
±0.1°C (Contingent on Customer’s Facilitation)
0.5 GPM (1.9 LPM) to 32 GPM (122 LPM)
60 PSIG @ 95°C
10.29 years
Ethernet Read/Write (Other options available)
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