How to Read Pump Performance Flow Rate

Charts below are for example only.
See pump model web pages for their performance charts.

How to read charts

Use your discharge pressure and desired flow rate to estimate required air pressure, resultant air usage, and cycle rate.

Step 1

Draw a horizontal line at your discharge pressure.
(e.g. 30 psi / 2 Bar)

Step 2

Draw a vertical line at your desired flow rate.
(e.g. 90 lpm / 5.4 m3/hr / 23.8 gpm)

Step 3

At line intersect, estimate required air pressure.
(e.g. 70 psi / 4.8 Bar)

Step 4

At line intersect, estimate resultant air consumption.
(e.g. 28 SCFM)

Step 5

At line intersect, estimate resultant cycle rate (e.g. 190 CPM).

Downloadable Instructions

How to Read Performance Charts (PDF)