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IMTEC Acquisition

White Knight Fluid Handling Inc., a subsidiary of Graco Inc. (NYSE:GGG), announced today that Graco has acquired the business of Imtec, a California-based manufacturer of quartz fluid management and heating equipment for the semiconductor, solar, LED, displays and electronics industries, as well as other markets.

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Heateflex Heaters

Heateflex Acquisition

White Knight Fluid Handling Inc., a subsidiary of Graco Inc. (NYSE:GGG), announced today that Graco has acquired the business of Heateflex, a California-based manufacturer of ultra-pure fluid and gas heating equipment for the semiconductor, solar, LED, displays and electronics industries, as well as other markets.

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CBA Debubbler Pressure Vessels

CBA Series Debubblers

Remove Bubbles from Chemical Delivery Processes CBA Series debubblers reduce bubbles from high-purity chemical delivery and wafer process systems. They feature 4-in inside diameters, which offer debubbling greater surface area. They are available in…

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White Knight Facility Expansion Groundbreaking 2018

Facility Expansion

White Knight is expanding our facility in Kamas, UT. Today, we broke ground on the Phase 2 addition, which will be twice the size of the current White Knight manufacturing facility. Phase 2 is expected to be completed in summer of 2018. Phase 3…

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LHA030 Laminar Flow Pump

LHA Series Laminar Flow Pumps

LHA Series laminar flow pumps offer steady flow rates up to 30 lpm and feature process-safe Teflon® PTFE and PFA flow paths. They are capable of up to 100°C (212°F) fluid temperatures, 5.5 Bar (80 psi) air supply pressures, and suction lift up to 3 m (10 ft).

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White Knight PSB100 AODD Chemical Delivery Pumps

PSB100 Air-Operated Double-Diaphragm Pump

White Knight has released the PSB100 air-operated double-diaphragm (AODD) pump as a direct retrofit replacement for other chemical delivery pumps. PSB100 AODD pumps feature Teflon® PTFE and PFA fluid paths for high-purity chemical delivery, dispense and transfer applications.

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White Knight PHC40 High-Pressure Pump

PHC40 High-Pressure Pump

PHC40 electronically-controlled pneumatic metering pump offers up to 40 bar (580 psi) liquid discharge pressures and is capable of receiving up to 7 Bar (100 psi) air supply pressure. It dispenses up to 60 ml per minute.

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White Knight PPMC Mini-Pump for High-Purity Chemicals

PPMC300 Mini Pump

White Knight has released the PPMC Mini Pumps, which feature Teflon® PTFE and PFA fluid paths for high-purity chemical processes. The pumps are capable of up to 300 ml/min flow rates and 160 psi discharge pressures.

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White Knight High-Tech Facility Award

Semicon Taiwan 2015

Vice Chair of The High-Tech Facility Committee, Arthur Chuang Ph.D., Sr. Director of NFDD at TSMC, presenting Lindi Liao, White Knight Taiwan, the plaque for contribution appreciation for The High-Tech-Facility Forum during Semicon Taiwan.

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Flow Pressure Control Systems Demonstration Semicon West 2015

Semicon West 2015

White Knight demonstrated high-purity flow and pressure control systems, metering pumps and pressure regulators at Semicon West 2015. Demonstrations compared White Knight systems to centrifugal systems for flow pulsation, filter retention and temperature stability.

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White Knight Closed-Loop Presentation at Semicon West 2014

Semicon West 2014

White Knight attended Semicon West 2014 to release new fluid handling solutions and to present important technical data from tests done on the closed-loop control systems. The response from distributors, OEMs and customers was simply overwhelming.

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White Knight High-Purity Pressure Vessels

CPA Series Pressure Vessels

White Knight’s recently released pressure vessels offer high-purity chemical dispense with absolutely no pulsation. They provide laminar flow at the point of use and serve as holding or mixing tanks for high-purity chemicals. They feature chemically-resistant PTFE and PFA fluid paths for dispense and mixing applications.

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White Knight Non-Metalic High-Purity Filter Housings

FHA Series Filter Housings

White Knight’s FHA Series filter housings combine compact size, superior containment, and high-flow performance. The housings contain no metal parts and allow for filters to be changed without disconnecting liquid lines.

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White Knight PEM050 Electronic Metering Pumps

PEM050 Electronic Metering Pump

White Knight Fluid Handling is pleased to announce the release of the much-anticipated PEM050 electronic metering pump for chemical replenishing, blending, dosing, and spiking applications. The PEM050 dispense up to 50 ml of high-purity chemical with ±0.01% repeatability at high pressures (60-80 psi). They feature Teflon® PTFE fluid paths and fully supported rolling diaphragms to…

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Test Report Filter Retention Levitronix Pump

Effect of Two Pumps on Filter Retention

This report compares pressure and flow pulsations from a White Knight closed-loop control system and Levitronix system and evaluates their effect on the retention efficiency of a membrane filter. The White Knight system featured a PSA060 bellows pump; the Levitronix system used a BPS-4 centrifugal pump.

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White Knight Closed-Loop Control Pump Systems

2013 Best of West Finalist

Solid State Technology and SEMI have selected the Closed-Loop Control System as a 2013 Best of West Award finalist. The closed-loop system provides complete control of high-purity chemical processes and delivery systems with customizable feedback capability to maintain optimum system performance. It is designed to support process tools that require a set flow or pressure at the point of use.

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White Knight CPC-1 Closed-Loop Controller

CPC-1 Closed-Loop Controller

The Closed-Loop Controller (CPC-1) automatically adjusts to maintain a set pressure or flow rate in high purity, closed-loop chemical pumping systems to compensate for variables in wafer processes, such as opening/closing chamber valves or clogging filters. The controlled closed-loop system improves process repeatability, increases chip yields, and simplifies automation to save customers time and resources.…

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White Knight CPT Cycle-Rate Translator

CPT-1 Cycle Rate Translator

White Knight’s Cycle Rate Translator (CPT-1) enables pump swap-outs in existing tools. The CPT-1 operates White Knight pumps at their optimal cycle rate and communicates a scaled operational cycle rate to match that expected by the tool. It also manages cycle rate errors and eliminates steady-state cycle rate alarms.

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White Knight DBA & DBH Series Pulse Dampeners

DBA & DBH Series Pulse Dampeners

DBA and DBH Series in-line and top-mount pulse dampeners augment the capabilities of White Knight high purity pumps. They reduce pulsation in fluid systems to improve flow control, increase batch yields, protect filters, fittings and pipes, and minimize downtime for system repairs. DBA and DBH Series dampeners operate in temperatures up to 100°C (212°F) and 145°C (293°F), respectively.

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White Knight PSD Seires AODD Diaphragm Pumps

PSD Series AODD Pumps

  PSD Series air-operated double-diaphragm pumps, or AODD pumps, for industrial chemical, semiconductor, solar, LEDs and flat-panel display manufacturing markets offer improved performance, optimized efficiency, simplified maintenance, and reduced noise levels. Their leak-proof, icing-resistant plastic design provides constant, reliable, and safe operation – even with the most corrosive chemicals. PSD Series pumps are available in…

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White Knight PPM100 Pneumatic Metering Pumps

PPM100 Pneumatic Metering Pump

White Knight’s high-purity PPM100 pneumatic metering pumps feature Teflon® PTFE fluid paths. They are capable of dispensing up to 100 ml of corrosive media with +/-0.1% repeatability at high-pressure (60-85 psi). The pumps offer adjustable flow rates for use in single-wafer processing tools or premix vessels to ensure exact chemistry mixtures, and they allow for in-situ mixing directly at the head.

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Five Utah Best of State Medals

White Knight Wins 2012 Best of State Awards

White Knight has won five prestigious Best of State® Awards for 2012 — more than any other company in Utah. The awards were won for achievements in the Production & Manufacturing, Science & Technology, and Community Development categories.

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American Psychological Association Workplace Health Award

2012 Psychologically Healthy Workplace Award

White Knight received Utah Psychological Association’s 2012 Psychologically Healthy Workplace Award, which recognizes organizations for workplace practices that create positive work environments. White Knight has dozens of programs intended to improve employee health and well-being, and many also improve the employee performance as well as the company’s products.

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Semiconductor International Editors Choice Best Product

Semiconductor International Editors Choice Best Product

White Knight’s AT Series pumps were the world’s first metal-free Teflon® pumps capable of distributing chemistry at temperatures up to 210°C (410°F) in constant or thermal cycling applications. The pumps are capable of air supply pressures up to 4 Bar (60 psi), and they perform safely and reliably for the entirety of their one-year warranty.

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DuPont Plunkett Award for Innovation with Teflon

DuPont Plunkett Award for Innovation with Teflon

White Knight’s Pneumatic Logic® was third place winner of the 1997 DuPont Plunkett Award for Innovation with Teflon® , to recognize outstanding uses of DuPont™ polytetrafluoroethylene (Teflon® PTFE or Teflon® ) fluoropolymers to create inventive market solutions that benefit the environment, showcase extraordinary innovation, or deliver a market-changing applications.

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